Change of Plans & Future Plans: 2 Giveaway Formats and Moving to Opensea

The First Auction Drop: OpenSea

So we’ve spent days forking contracts, writing bulk minting scripts, trying to figure out on chain metadata. All of the stuff that is boring that nobody really cares about but affects the long term efficacy of NFPs.

Not all the NFPs in this image are real NFPs. Some of them are prototypes. This is our Proof of Work.

Official Rules (Updated):

We will gradually launch NFPs for auction over the following days as we get our ducks in a row. Every auction will be set for 24 hours so everyone has a chance to bid.

  1. Minimum bid increments will be .05 ETH (minting price). If there are no higher offers after reserve price at the time of the auction, we will accept the bid.
  2. The auction officially ends tomorrow (2/20) at 3pm EST.
We have more NFPs coming. But we’re unsure of how many we can get up by tomorrow.


Click for Kek

Community Giveaways

In our article yesterday, we said we’d be giving away 36 NFPs to community in a discretionary capacity. This is basically just getting involved in the project and helping along the way. Many people have reached out and we’ll likely use Twitter to make announcements for help we need and where. We’d like to collaborate with artists on drops, we need as many Solidity developers long term that we can get, and if anyone is super experience in game theory design, we’d love to talk.

Treasure Hunts

The giveaways will be a little disorganized but that’s fine. We started this less than a week ago, and here we are getting ready for auctions. We like the idea of creating treasure hunts around Ethereum for NFP community drops. Some may be gameable in retrospect and some will be perfect. We’re trying our best.

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