An Update: Distribution, New Auctions & a Call for Community Artists


An artist in our Discord reached out and asked if he could make a custom NFP. I was surprised that, at the time nobody, had asked and I’m surprised nobody has up to this point since then.

I looked at his site and I thought his art was too cool and we couldn’t afford him since we tried to launch NFP on a low budget (this was before it started to blow up — we had no idea the first day would look like it did).

I offered that if he made 4 NFPs that he could keep 1.


New Auctions & PoolTogether

We thought this would be a good time to announce that we have new auctions ending at 9pm EST tonight (2/21).

You can find them here.

We also dropped an NFT in the loot box for USDC on PoolTogether. You can find that here.

Make some Pepes, Pick a Pepe

Since this project has since blown up, I’m happy Kyle will get rewarded for his work because his Pepes are top notch.

However, I realized there are probably more NFT artists who may want to get involved in the movement. As a DeFi person, I did a good job getting the Degens involved but since this project is supposed to be at the intersection of Defi and NFTs (a beautiful collision) we want to offer artists who want to join the movement to get involved.

So we’re going to pick 20 artists to make NFPs. We’ll pull this from the 78 Community NFPs that are non-discretionary (i.e. not from the 36 early community supporter NFPs).

In type on the traits — we’ll list the artists name.

They’ll need to make 10 NFPs and can keep 1 each. However, if they overlap with a custom from an original contributor then they cannot keep or duplicate that NFP. For instance, if someone claimed Abraham Lincoln and they make an Abraham Lincoln, they would have to transfer it (but we can communicate who has picked what).

We may not be able to pick everyone (if we have more than 20 applications). We might open it up for more but let’s start here.

You’ll have to find a way to get in touch with me or Tim to apply.

Who are our artists?

We want this to help their careers, maybe they can break into NFTs as well. When we started I don’t think they had any idea what I was doing but we’ll publish them after the project is completed. We think artists should get credit for their work and we’ll be transparent about that.

Pepe Distribution (so far)

1069 Total NFPs

875: Auction

2: Kek Heaven

78: Contributors

58: Community (Treasure Hunt)

36: Community Supporters (Discretionary)

20: Community Artists

Community Discretion (so far):

  1. Chad
  2. Noah
  3. g.holmes
  4. Chuba (Ryan)
  5. Non-Pepe Councilman Crisgarner
  6. Young Algy
  7. Froq
  8. OxMaki
  9. Gmoney
  10. Cryptodaddy_69
  11. Pepe Councilmen Wright
  12. Peter Schiff (Discord anon — not the idiot gold peddler)
  13. Not Arthur Hayes
  14. V (designer)
  15. Rocko (designer)
  16. Ros (designer)
  17. Dmytro/Sindbahd (designer)
  18. Warden
  19. Endgame
  20. Homer Shillson
  21. Blased Bison
  22. Kiat
  23. Dest Yano
  24. Underground Man

20 Community Designer List (so far):

  1. Kyle Gordon (Designer)
  2. Illuvium Team



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