A Cross Platform Protocol for Tokenizing Risk.

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BarnBridge is an idea & whitepaper originally conceived in Q2 2019. At the time, MakerDAO was starting to garner mainstream awareness and capture the imagination of what is now known as the DeFi, or decentralized finance, community. Over a year later, with 60% of Global debt yielding less than 1% & over $15 trillion of global debt yielding negative rates, capital continues moving into higher risk yield streams.

Meanwhile, there is a decentralized financial system, referred to as Defi in this paper, burgeoning in the digital economy with digital assets…


With the roll out of SMART Alpha, we have completed, for the most part, what was set out in the BarnBridge whitepaper. It’s been a long ride and I’d love to spend time looking back on the past year, or even two, and talk about how we got here and everything that happened along the way. However, I think it’s more productive to take a future facing approach.

In other words, where do we go from here?

To start, we thought about writing a new whitepaper, but I think that would ultimately be what the specs are on future…

Traditional Rarity

We believe that Crypto Punks will go down as one of the most meaningful art projects in history when it’s all said and done. The attention to detail, the innovation, the way it took the world years to realize what they had actually created. It was amazing.

One of the best pieces about the project was how they organized rarity. They essentially told us what was rare. It was pre-determined and it was fun to figure out over the years just how cool it was how they set everything up. …

Purpose: If you received tokens for being a team member, seeder, or are part of the discretionary airdrop, you will be able to claim 1% of your $XYZ tokens from vesting contracts, ever week, for 100 weeks.

This article walks through how to go about claiming either your $XYZ (Universe) or tokens from a regularly-vesting smart contract.

Note: The vesting process is executed through one specific smart contracts.

  • Your Specific Vested Amount: This smart contract holds the sum of tokens to which you are entitled.


  1. Bookmark your specific vesting smart contract

a. You will be provided with the respective…

Developer Documentation is Now Live!

Hey everyone,

To start — we want to celebrate hitting $100m in TVL for BarnBridge’s SMART Yield product. 🎉🎉

Link to Yield Farming


Everyone is extremely excited we are rolling out the XYZ token from yield farming, airdrops and liquidity provider incentivization. We want to go over the dynamics of each so everyone is completely aware of how this is going to work.

First off we would like to make a big announcement, we are switching the token supply from 1 million to 1 billion. There are a lot of stars in the Universe and we feel 1 billion is a better approach for decentralization. …

NFTs are probably a fad.


An artist in our Discord reached out and asked if he could make a custom NFP. I was surprised that, at the time nobody, had asked and I’m surprised nobody has up to this point since then.

I looked at his site and I thought his art was too cool and we couldn’t afford him since we tried to launch NFP on a low budget (this was before it started to blow up — we had no idea the first day would look like it did).


I offered that if he made 4 NFPs that he could keep 1.

The First Auction Drop: OpenSea

So we’ve spent days forking contracts, writing bulk minting scripts, trying to figure out on chain metadata. All of the stuff that is boring that nobody really cares about but affects the long term efficacy of NFPs.

We have been planning on launching on Bounce and are even building custom interfaces that will live on our sites for future drops but we’re up against the wire and we had to make a call, delay again or use OpenSea.

We hope to release this interface soon but we aren’t there yet (this project was alpha leaked and we just started rolling…

As we approach the inception of NFPs we would like to make a formal announcement that there will be more announcements. We would like to fill our frog frens & pepe lovers in on what we are planning so everyone knows.

Last night was chaotic & we reeled it back to kill the hype a little. We want to figure out the best way to do this.

Providing Clarity

So let’s clarify a few things to start:

The rules still exist in our community.



I thought about this being a post in Discord but I wanted to attempt to organize my thoughts so everyone had the chance to see it — so this will be a long one because we’ve kind of been waiting to let the dust settle from launching the DAO and I wanted to see where the small fires start or spread after the launch of the DAO and where we needed to focus efforts.

So let’s get started.


A lot of people ask about partnership and integrations and I think we need to separate those between protocol based partnerships and…

Tyler Scott Ward

Read about me on www.barnbridge.com.

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