A Cross Platform Protocol for Tokenizing Risk.



In order to facilitate a fair and…

Developer Documentation is Now Live!

Link to Yield Farming


Everyone is extremely excited we are rolling out the XYZ token from yield farming, airdrops and liquidity provider incentivization. We want to go over the dynamics of each so everyone is completely aware of how this is going to work.

NFTs are probably a fad.


An artist in our Discord reached out and asked if he could make a custom NFP. I was surprised that, at the time nobody, had asked and I’m surprised nobody has up to this point since then.

The First Auction Drop: OpenSea

So we’ve spent days forking contracts, writing bulk minting scripts, trying to figure out on chain metadata. All of the stuff that is boring that nobody really cares about but affects the long term efficacy of NFPs.

Tyler Scott Ward

Read about me on www.barnbridge.com.

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